Port Stephens Caravan and Camper Hire


 Limited availability for hire over summer, see calendar at bottom of home page for details.

Air Conditioning.

The Air Conditioner requires 240v. If you are unpowered please talk to us about hiring a generator.


Our vans are fitted with an ‘electric braking system’; which works in tandem, with the towing vehicle. Your car will either need to be wired for electronic brakes or we have available for hire a Portable Brake Control Unit, which will be suitable for most modern vehicles. This unit will be temporarily fitted to your car at a cost of $50 per hire.


The Caravan needs to be returned in the same condition it was in when you hired it. To avoid having to find the time, & the inconvenience at the end of your holiday, Let us do the cleaning for you. We will clean the van inside & out upon return, we charge $100 for this service. $200 if it includes cleaning the toilet.


Our caravans are fitted with 3 way fridges.

They can run from 3 different power sources.

240v - Connected through caravan power supply

12volt - From the battery – be aware this option wont last too long.

Gas - Runs off a gas cylinder stored on the caravan

These fridges require about 4-5 hours to cool down and operate best out of direct sun

Hirer’s Contents.

Port Stephens Caravan & Camper Hire can take no responsibility for valuables left in or stolen from the caravan. Insurance on personal property is the Hirer’s Responsibility.


All our caravans are comprehensively insured .A breach of the hire agreement terms and conditions will void this Cover. It is important to read and understand these terms & conditions. Our excess on insurance is $500 standard. Extra excesses may apply. (Under 25years is $2500)


All  microwaves require 240v. If you are unpowered please talk to us about hiring a generator.

Pickup / Drop Off times

Generally pickup is from 2pm and drop off is at 10am. However, if you would like to pick up early please ask us. If the van is available we are more than happy for you to pick up early or drop back late. If the van is out on hire the night prior or night after your hire we will do our best to allow you to pick up as early as possible. However it will depend on other bookings.

If you do require definite early pickup and don’t want us to book the van out for the previous night or following night so you can be guaranteed early pickup / late drop off there is a $50 fee each way ($50 early pickup and $50 late drop off).


Pets are welcome. However please discuss PRIOR to Hire. They are to be kept off the lounges and beds. Additional Cleaning Fee of $30 will apply.

How do I setup the vans?

When you come to pickup your van we will go through the setup process.  Yo may also watch these youtube links and if you have any questions please give us a call.

Amanda – https://youtu.be/REbsZDcEuto

Dougie -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP64n3hnO9w

Eddy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP64n3hnO9w

Noah - https://youtu.be/1C2_ngV62HA 

Timmy - https://binged.it/2zmXso7

Towing Capacity.

As stated in the Hire Contract, before you hire one of our Caravans, we need to make sure that our vans are suitable for your needs, and the towing vehicle has the capacity to tow the Caravan that you wish to hire. This information is simple to find.

  1. Your vehicle Manufacturer’s Owners Handbook. – Towing section.
    This is where you will find your vehicle’s ‘Gross Vehicle Mass’ rating. Compare this with the weight of the Caravan you wish to hire from us. You then need to consider how much weight (ie, your personal belongings) you add to your hire van, so as to ensure that the total loaded weight complies with your vehicle’s specifications.
  2. The ‘rating plate’ attached to your car’s towbar. The information on this plate will tell you the rated ‘Maximum Towing Capacity’, in kgs, of your towbar. This will be confirmed on pickup of the Hire Caravan.

What if I have a Problem while Im away?

We are available to help most of the time. Call us on 0438 022 425

What if I want to stay longer?

Please Call Kassi on 0438 022 425. If the van you have is not booked – we will be happy to extend your stay. Payment arrangements will need to be made.